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A refined line that offers you a single, high-intensity, Arabica blend. To choose Aromatik means to get the most out of Moak’s style and research. Aromatik is a concept. It is the choice to offer the exclusivity of an exceptional coffee with the elegant and essential design that dominates prints and accessories. The result is a sophisticated line dedicated to those who want only the best from life, starting with the pleasure of coffee.



Aromatik is a lifestyle, it is the desire to obtain a precious mixture and build a sophisticated environment around it. They chose to devote to this line a single blend. It is a unique blend, because it is made by selecting the most precious single-origins. The result is a coffee that deserves to be tasted in a refined environment with precious accessories. Those you will get along with the mix.

Aromatik is the harmonious fusion of rare and special coffees; its precious blend is the balance between bitterness and sweetness, fruity tastes and pleasant notes of vanilla.

Its intense aromatik richness creates a seductive taste, which enfolds and pervades ones senses.

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Porcelain espresso cup, capacity 65 cc – Pack of 6 pcs

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Porcelain cappuccino cup, capacity 172 cc – Pack of 6 pcs

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Steel teaspoons

Steel spoons – Pack of 6