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Barbi Winery

About us

In 1932 Enzo Barbi founded the winery in the tradition of his family.
Since the beginning he sought for quality and within a short period of time the brand became well established.
The estate is located in Baschi whilst the commercial headquarters are in Roncadelle. For the Barbi family wine is continuous research, experimentation & co-operation both with nature & technology resulting in remarkable wines.
Besides cherishing their own production, the Barbis choose & buy must & grapes from selected growers, and a team of skilled technicians supervise the advanced method of vinification & refining.
barbi vineyardsThe company’s production philosophy especially prefers the grapes from central Italy, even though lately, two international varietals have been planted.

Grape cultivation on their estate has a very ancient traditions.

It is situated at an altitude of about 300mt above sea level where the climate and the exposure of the vineyards determine ideal conditions for a quality production.

Walking through the vineyards you easily identify the changing soil types and the varying density of the vines. They have in fact vineyards planted in 2007 alongside very old ones planted back in 1970.

Climbing down from the lowest part of the vineyards, you come across the huge rocky basement on which their hill rests.

At Barbi any chemical weeding is banned from the estate and anticriptogamic treatments are brought down to a minimum.

botti pictureThe Winery

The present size of the winery, still family owned, allows an efficient & well organized management; a well consolidated market position in more than 30 countries & constantly growing appreciation of a highly qualified clientele are the best reward.