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Elvio Cogno Winery

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The Elvio Cogno winery sits on the top of Bricco Ravera, a hill near Novello in the Langhe area of Piedmont.

This is one of the eleven townships in the province of Cuneo in which Barolo DOCG production is allowed. Nowadays these places, which were world-renowned for their history, culture, and beauty, have been also recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage.The cellar is held in an 18th-century manor farm surrounded by 11 hectares of land, all occupied by vineyards. In 1990 Elvio Cogno bought this splendid historical farm in the family village and restored it to its former glory. Today the winery nestles in a breathtaking landscape between the hills and the sky. At sunset on clear days, a wonderful turquoise horizon frames the farm like a painting.
The Cogno family has been making Elvio Cogno familywine in the Langhe area for four generations: the values of history and tradition handed down by father Elvio are enhanced by the freshness and innovation introduced by his daughter Nadia and her husband Valter Fissore. Nowadays the winery continues to produce wines that tell traditions, styles and flavors which the Langhe area conjures up through the variety of its grapes. Their great wines are born in the old granaries of a farm converted to address the great challenges of wine-making.
Through careful, rational vineyard management without pushing things to an extreme, with low yields per hectare and respect for the organic balance of the vine, Valter Fissore and Nadia Cogno cultivate rigorously autochthonous varietals: nebbiolo (for Barolo, Barbaresco e Langhe Nebbiolo), barbera, dolcetto, and nascetta. The sparing use of technology meaning long submerged-cap and spontaneous fermentation, decanting, careful aging on wood optimizes the production process without altering what mother nature creates.The result is high-quality grapes, balanced wines: not excessively rich, amenable but elegant, with a classic character and feel. In conclusion Cogno wines seek to transmit emotions to be remembered.