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Produttori del Gavi

About us

produttori del gavi

The Produttori del Gavi co-operative, based in the heart of the Gavi district produces some of the most exemplary wines of the area. Cortese can be a fickle variety, and getting it to produce a structured wine with character and regionality can prove too much of a challenge for many wine makers, but with Andrea Pancotti (winemaker) and Mario Redoglia (wine consultant) that challenge has been met. Inevitably though, it is in the vineyard where the wine is made, and all credit goes to this co-op in marshalling all the disparate growers into a coherent whole.

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The vineyards are located in 11 municipalities for a total of 200 hectares that extend from Tassarolo to Bosio. Despite the different nature of the terrain, exposure to the sun and the wind in the vineyards that are part of our cellar, they do have one thing in common: the care and dedication that each member puts into their own vines.

This means that it is not uncommon to see ancient plants among our vines, where collection is still largely done manually. “Working a vineyard is not like working in a factory. There are times when the farmer has to commit to more time, but then there are vintages that repay him for his daily care to the vine”.


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The cellar is the place where the tradition of the companies is combined with the new world of wine. In recent years there have been significant investments in the most advanced winemaking technology, with the aim of obtaining the best wine from their lands, because “fruit alone does not make a good wine”. Presse axial loads, refrigerators, insulated steel tanks and refrigeration of two levels, double-tube heat exchanger, and expanded use of the cold are the tools that allow them to take full advantage of the innate potential in the product that comes from the earth naturally. Controlled hygiene throughout the production chain and simple physical principles are the secrets to limiting the use of sulfur dioxide.