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Vallerosa Bonci Winery

About usvallerosa bonci family

The Vallerosa-Bonci is an historic family run winery from Marche based in
Cupramontana (AN).

Cupramontana rises from the very heart of the Marche Region, which is the ancient and noble homeland of Verdicchio.

They are considered real ambassadors among the producers of this area.

Since the first years of 190′ (for 4 generations, now) their goal has always been upholding traditions and exploring the huge potential of Verdicchio grape.

Nowadays they can provide different kind of wines, all using 100% Verdicchio vallerosa bonci vineyardsgrapes that grow in their vineyards.

Their vinification method is not a secret but insist on full respect and care for the details (reduced yield per hectare, hand pick up, soft pressing of the grapes in absence of oxygen, long fermentation in cement glass-lined tanks at low controlled temperature, long refining in bottle).
Vallerosa Bonci always say that their goal in the cellar is not to mess up what the vineyard gives them.

In conclusion what really makes the difference in their wines are the harvest time ( starting mid Sept with the sparklers and finish in Nov with the Passito) and the location of the vineyards (all their wines come from single parcels and are named after the quarter of the village where the vineyard is located).