Anfora (70cl Grappa)

Grappa aged in terracotta

Softness, a rounded taste and an enveloping aroma. These are the qualities of Anfora, a Grappa that brings with it all the characteristic of traditional ageing in wood with the distinctive feature that it does not rest in the barrel but, in fact, in amphorae. A new technique that uses one of the oldest containers known to man, terracotta vases useful for transporting and storing wine, oil, honey and other food.

With this innovative technique they have achieved excellent results: the micro-oxygenation, twice what they found when using barrels, enriches the Grappa’s elegance and softness, giving the characteristics of ageing without the classic wood flavor.

Anfora is a Grappa made of a blend of pomace from grapes indigenous to the Trentino region: 80% Teroldego, Marzemino and Merlot varieties; 20% Chardonnay, Müller Thurgau and Moscato varieties, which give it the typical, unmistakable aromas of this area.

Bouquet: rich, decisive

Structure: soft, elegant


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