See how to use it below:

centellino phase1

Step 1: Insert the Centellino into the bottle

After opening a bottle of wine, insert the Centellino. Carefully hold the decanter by the wood of the larger stopper. Insert the piece into the bottle by pressing on the wood stopper, not on the glass. Once inserted, hold just the bottle for the rest of the steps. ;


centellino phase2Step 2: Fill the Centellino with wine

Remove small Centellino’s cork.Incline the bottle with the “amphora” (bowl) downwards and let the wine fill up the “doser”.




centellino phase3Step 3: Pour the wine into the glass

Rotating the bottle a little more than 90 degrees. To Serve a chalice keep the Centellino higher than the bottle making sure the small entrance to the bottle will stay on top(as per picture).




Step 4: Preserve the wine and the Centellino

Leaving the Centellino inserted into the bottle will preserve wine’s flavor for future use.

To clean the aerator remove it gently from the bottle by the large wood stopper and wash it under warm water. DO NOT PUT into the dishwasher.