Durin Pigato Braie DOC

Durin Pigato Braie



Region: Liguria

Denomination: Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC

Grape-variety: 100% Pigato. It is produced with grapes from the Pigato vine harvested in the land
parcels parcels 196,197, 199, 162, 163, 125, 404 of Sheet 12 and the land parcel 191 of Sheet 11 of the cadastral mapping of Ortovero town council land office.

Alcohol: 13.5 %

Vintage: 2018

Aging: in steel tanks for 5-7 months.

Type of cultivation:
Pruned-spur cordon-trained.

Production Area: The “Braie” vineyard is the unique link that strongly binds ourselves to the history of our winegrowers and allows us to bring back our childhood memories, when this vineyard was ploughed by oxen. This vine is grown in an area where weather conditions are perfect making it ideal for this type of cultivation. The vines show the signs of the time gone by and although wine production from these vines is very poor, they are not deliberately removed because every year they give us scions which give then vine cuttings which we use in our new graftings. The fermentation process occurs within the grapes skin and indigenous yeasts for 48 hours and by keeping temperature under control. The end product gives absolutely matchless emotions than any other vineyard.

Food matching:
Dry white wine perfect to accompany various dishes especially shellfish, sea food, starters in white sauces, the Genovese pasqualina cake and cima (a staffed pocket of veil) and, ravioli filled with
wild herbs.

How to serve and to stores:
Serve at a temperature of 12°C in long stem medium size wine glasses. Store in the lowest racks of the cellar at a constant temperature between 11 and 14°C..

Color: Straw-yellow colour with golden reflections.

Nose: On the nose this Durin Pigato Braie has intense fruity smell with distinct hints of yellow peach from which white ripen exotic fruits scents stand out blended with honey and natural resin.

Taste: Dry yet soft to the taste, warm, full-bodied with smooth and extended aromatic hints.

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Minimum 6 Mixed Bottle Order

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