Durin Rossese DOC

Durin Rossese


The Durin farm is located in Ortovero near Savona, in Liguria. In the area there are ancient winemaking traditions dating back to the 1800s and Durin’s production boasts advantageous prices and a style that is based on respect for raw materials in a combination of innovation, tradition and compliance with international directives. The company is a strong supporter of the thinning out of the bunches, useful to ensure a more uniform ripening and a higher quality for the grapes. The philosophy of Durin is to get to the taste of those who drink their wines all the flavor of an ancient history, of a passionate family and of their dreams and aspirations, besides all the balanced and refined taste of the territory that has always hosted it.


Region: Liguria

Denomination: Riviera Ligure di Ponente DOC

Grape varieties and area of production: It is produced with grapes from the rossese vine harvested in the vineyards of Ortovero and “Ponterotto”.

Alcohol: 12.5 %

Vintage: 2018

Aging: in steel tanks for 5-7 months.

Type of cultivation:
Pruned-spur cordon-trained.

Food matching:
Dry red wine ideal to accompany first courses such as Genovese style ravioli, trenette pasta and risotto in meat sauce, cannelloni and second courses such as Genovese cima (stuffed veal pocket) veal with
mushrooms, roast game birds, Liguria style salt cod, fish soup and many other dishes of the Italian regional cuisine.

How to serve and to stores:
Serve at a temperature of 16-17°C in medium stem wine glasses. Store in horizontal position in the red wine racks of the cellar. Best consumed in one or two years depending upon the vintage.

Color: Intense ruby red colour.

Nose: This Durin Rossese is ample, intense, persistent, fine and fruity to the smell with scents of rose, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and lightly winy.

Taste: Dry and rich to the taste but fairly soft and pleasantly warm, medium-bodied and lightly tannic.


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