Endrizzi Pinot Bianco I.G.T.



Region: Trentino South-Tyrol

Denomination: Pinot delle Venezie IGT

Grape-variety: Pinot Bianco 100%.

Alcohol: 11.5 %

Vintage: 2016

Cultivation area: The soils are of volcanic origin and contain different types of trass and several chalky zones and give the wine its intensely delicate bouquet, as well as its typical taste.

Vineyard: Endrizzi has chosen the grape variety Pinot Bianco for this wine, which results in light and at the same time sophisticated wine, due to the species’ characteristics such as aromatic lightness and freshness, a not too high alcohol content, softness and drinkability.

Color: Straw-colored with green reflections.

Nose: Its fresh, fruityflowery bouquet is reminiscent of acacia flowers, wild cherries and green apples.

Taste: Dry, soft, and well rounded; not too heavy with a pleasantly long finish.


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