San Biagio Dolcetto d’Alba D.O.C.

THE PRODUCER: San Biagio Azienda Agricola


Region: Piedmont

Denomination: Dolcetto d’Alba DOC
Grape-variety: Dolcetto 100%
Alcohol: 14%
Vintage: 2014

Aging: In steel for around 3 months, followed by 4 months of ageing in the bottle.

Growing location: The historic San Biagio and Pria vineyards in La Morra. The latter’s position at the top of a hill, where the differences in temperature between day and night are more pronounced, guarantees plenty of aromatic structure. The vineyards face east to south-east, and as a result are exposed to the sun practically all day long. The soil is composed of calcareous marl, with veins of tufa and sand.

Harvest: The first half of September. In order to obtain high quality, ripe grapes with great balance between the polyphenols, acidity and aromatic precursors, the leaf-stripping and thinning of the bunches carried out by hand during the months preceding the harvest are all-important in bringing out the wine’s fruity aromas and freshness to the full. The average yield is 7 tons per hectare, well below the limit set by the production regulations (9 tons/Ha).

Vinification: Brief maceration on the skins, with frequent breaking up of the cap performed with extreme care in heat-conditioned tanks to provide balanced extraction of the polyphenols, the aromatic fraction and the anthocyanins responsible for the intense colour of this wine.

Colour: Deep ruby red with purplish highlights.

Nose: Vinous and fragrant, with inviting hints of ripe fruit, including cherry and plum. In the background – though equally important in defining the bouquet – are floral aromas, especially violet, and a slight herby note.

Taste: Young, fresh and immediate, with moderate acidity. The ripe fruit and floral sensations are back, rounded off by a nice almondy aftertaste. A wine with a simple, straightforward personality.


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