Single Origin REMERA- Rwanda



Origin: Before arriving in Nyamagabe, south of Rwanda, the country of thousand hills, they let themselves be influenced by breathtaking sceneries: a succession of valleys, upland and watercourses. A charismatic woman welcomes them at the Bufcoffee company once they arrive at the small station of Remera: Mukashyaka Epiphanie. They immediately realize why: the 1994 Genocide left her a widow with seven children, but she didn’t lose heart and relaunched the small plantation offering work to more than 4 thousand women, who produce precious coffees with passion every day.

Variety: Arabica Bourbon

Processing method: Washed/sun-dried

Harvest time: March – June

Elevation: 1.700 – 2.000 metres

Profile in cup: Particularly aromatic, this coffee will surprise you for its citrus fruits and cocoa notes as well as scents of honey and fresh fruit. Slightly acid with round and long-lasting aftertaste.


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