All our coffee ground come in lovely metal tin to better reflect the higher quality of the MOAK® brand.

  • tin decaffeinated
    Particularly light blend, unnoticeable from normal espresso. Notes of chocolate followed by aromatic notes and a pleasant nuance of roasted cocoa stick out. A determined aroma to be tasted several times a day, held in the elegant 250g tin
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    Filter Coffee (4kg)

     100.00  80.00

    Aromatic coffee with low acidity and full and persistent taste.

    A good choice for anytime of the day.

    Order now to get a 40 piece box with 100 grams per piece.

    Suitable for Espresso Maker/Stove-top/Moka Pot, Filter and French Press Cafetieres.

    Start your morning off the right way with MOAK.


    Tin Arabica

    A coffee with delicate taste arises from Arabic variety and is characterized by the harmony between caramel and a high bitterness. The slightly fruity aroma will be recognized as soon as the handy can is opened.
  • tin aromatik

    Tin Aromatik

    Directly coming from Moak's Deluxe range of products, this refined coffee has got a vanilla-flavored and aromatic taste, as the name says, and a fruity touch. Even the Aromatik dress is on top – a special 250 g box for a completely metropolitan style.

    Tin Forte

    Its particularly intense taste reveals nuances of licorice and chocolate. Its aroma last several minutes after having savored it. Ideal for those who want a stronger and decisive coffee even at home.