The grape variety Riesling Italico, despite its name, is said to be of French origin, and from there later landed in Germany and in several other countries of central Europe. Its name in German is Welschriesling, where the prefix “Welsch-“, literally “of Latin origin,” can be broadly interpreted as “Italian” (hence Riesling Italico) but also the “French” and was to ensure differentiation the original Riesling, namely the Rhine. It is said to have been imported in the regions of north-eastern Italy during the Austro-Hungarian rule, from the area of the present Czech Republic. There are significant differences between the Rhine and Italian vine, both from the standpoint ampelographic (cluster and leaf ) that with regard to the wine obtained, which in the case of the Italian Riesling is more easy to drink, when compared with the most aristocratic tones of the Rhine one. The blend of the two, in any proportion, always gives results of great class.