Fiano “Caolino” Cantine de Falco

THE PRODUCER : Cantine De Falco


Region: Apulia

Denomination: Fiano IGP Salento

Grape-variety: Fiano 100%

Alcohol: 12.5%

Vintage : 2020 / 2021

Territory: all vineyards are cultivated in the Salento wine producing area.

Ageing: the complex structure of the wine allows a prolonged storage in the bottle..

Color: Straw yellow with golden hues.

Nose: Bouquet of fresh flowers, citrus fruits and white chocolate.

Taste: Round and smooth, with good freshness and well-balanced.


Minimum 6 Mixed Bottle Order

The Fiano “Caolino” is a medium-bodied white wine, with intense and characteristics aromas, vinified and aged in steel tanks. The bouquet is vegetal and fruity, with notes of citrus, hay, and herbs. The taste I smooth and round, fresh and rich in citrus and smoked aromas. Wine made from Traditional Agriculture and Winemaking

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