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Il Conte Villa Prandone Winery

About us

The origin of the agricultural farm “Il Conte” has deep roots, among history, art and wine-growing in the Marche, a land of old traditions with products that are attracting more and more attention around the whole world. In the province of Ascoli Piceno, in the splendid hills of Monteprandone, where you can feel and smell the breeze of the Adriatic Sea, the flourishing vineyards and olive groves, belonging to the family, De Angelis, are spread out. The prestigious line of wine, “IL CONTE – VILLA PRANDONE originate from the variety of grapes: Montepulchiano, Sangiovese, Merlot, Passerina, Pecorino and Trebbiano. The success of this wine is the result of experience, sacrifice and passion for grapevines, with which men and women have known how to work, on this generous land. Harmony between Walter’s and Samuel’s uncompromising exactness in the vineyards, Emmanuel’s know-how in the wine cellar and the firmness of Mara and Marina in the commercial relationships, is the key to their achievement in this profession.

The estate

The farm is situated 4km inland from the Adriatic coast at an altitude of 150/200m above sea level. The estate has a large underground wine cellar for the aging of the wines and a pleasant receiving room for the tasting of our products. The 25 hectares of surrounding vineyards, made up of old and recent plants, are entirely exposed to the southwest. The grapevines are predominantly raised with a system using vertical trellis bilateral guyed and spur pruned cord, at a distance of 60/80/100cm from another, on sandstone, clay calcareous soil. The yield of the vineyards is limited to 60 and 90 quintals per hectare through thinning and selective vintage. The grapes reach perfect ripeness, thanks to the climate of the underlying valley which is cool in the vegetative season and influenced by the Sirocco and by the breeze of the nearby Adriatic Sea.

The vineyard

The vineyard lies on a hill near Monteprandone, in the southern part of the Marche region, just on the border with Abruzzo. From the garden of the winery the magnificent panorama looks upon the rolling hills and valleys with villages here and there, surrounded by the blue of the Adriatic Sea to one side and the snow-covered tops of the Appennini Mountains to the other. In this area there is a variety of cultivation such as meadows, cornfields, olive groves and vineyards which are divided into small plots of land. The secret beauty of this region, with its breathtaking medieval scenery and a wealth of culture and tradition, is still waiting to be discovered by the rest of the world.