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Borgoluce Winery

About usborgluce landscape

Borgoluce was founded by Giuliana, Ninni, and Caterina Collalto with her husband Lodovico Giustiniani. The estate covers 1,200 hectares, from the Piave River to the hills of the Prealps. The farm produces Prosecco Superiore and also still wines, buffalo milk cheeses, meats and charcuterie, flours and corn crackers, honey, oil and walnuts. The entire production process takes place on the estate by way of an extremely short chain, traceable through each of its phases, with short processing times guaranteeing maximum product freshness.

The vineyards stretch over 90 hectares, with 3.5 hectares currently making the transition to organic farming. Borgoluce Glera vines are located mainly over hills, marked by gentle slopes with a gradient between 10 and 20%.11. Fienagione - Hay bales The average altitude is between 130 and 230 m a.s.l. They alternate with stretches of age old oak woodlands tracing an enchanting landscape that also protects biodiversity. The south-south east and south-south west exposure provides with good light and higher photosynthetic yield. The different exposure of the slopes and the orientation of the vine rows affect the degree of grape ripening, thus allowing for a harvest aimed at producing outstanding sparkling wines.

The area boasts a climate particularly suited to the production of high quality Glera grapes: mild springs accompanied by moderate winds, relatively dry summers and long autumns are the ideal conditions given the early budding and late ripening of the vine.

Vine growing is consequently practiced with due regard for the environment and the community.

The estateborgoluce team

Pastures, woodlands, farms, arable fields, vineyards, orchards, canals, mills, dairies. In the twelfth century, this variety enabled them to produce everything necessary for daily life inside the estate.
In conclusion this tradition remains: keep the soil rich and fertile, protecting the life of every species in the ecosystem.
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