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La Mirandola

La Mirandola Winery

About usLa Mirandola family

The Mirandola vineyard is dependant on a single man, who thanks to his grandfather’s tuition, can produce a fine wine.

The farm is situated inside the borders of the production zone of the famous Chianti, the classical wine well known and appreciated all over the world. The history of the farm starts in the year 2000, who always had a passion for the history and culture of the wine, takes over from his grandfather “La Mirandola”.

The wise synergy between tradition and innovation, the careful care of the grapes from the vineyard to the wine cellar and of the process of wine wisely controlled by the oenologist Luano Bensi, give rise to high quality products. Furthermore the small dimensions of the farm, the presence of small tubs of wine in the cellar, and the care of the vineyard only done by hand, allow the selection of best grapes for the production of very high level wines.
Lorenzo Scala ,with the help of his family, looks after all the wine-making processes.
The vineyard’s objective is to get the best from the soil and the harvest, concentrating on Chianti Classico, which is produced by using local vine varieties Sangiovese 95% and Colorino 5%) and ages in barrel of 5 ql., so as to get the most from the noble tannin of the wine.

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