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Terlan Winery

Terlan Winery

About usTerlan estate

From mountains to palm trees Terlano lies in South Tyrol. Here, in Italy’s northernmost province, Alpine peaks go hand in hand with Mediterranean scenery.A place with German and Italian language, with centuries-old local traditions but with an open eye for the modern world.

Terlano is a wine-growing village located halfway between Merano and Bolzano. Here the Adige flows through a wide valley in a south-easterly direction. The village and vineyards nestle against the red porphyry rock of Monte Tschöggl.
In view of its specific climate and geology, the area has qualified for a DOC designation of origin.

In addition to the geographic designation of origin, wines are additionally labeled “Terlano” in recognition of the special character of the terroir.

With sites located at elevations between 250 and 900 meters above sea-level, choosing the right variety is a challenge. The lower sites are better suited to heavy reds, while all white wines are more at home at the higher and cooler levels.

Terlan cellarThe Winery

The Terlan winery has a traditional focus on long-living wines. Their White wines have repeatedly hit the headlines in trade publications with their ability to outlast the decades.
The longevity of their wines is due to a combination of the high mineral content of the soils, old vines growing in complete harmony, carefully managed vineyards with low yields per vine, and the rigorous selection of healthy and fully mature grapes.

Wine-making in Terlan traditionally involves the use of wooden barrels. Special emphasis is also placed on the “sur lie” method, with the wines often left to age on the yeast for years before being bottled and left to slowly mature to perfection. In addition the slow maturation process gives the wines their specific character and complexity. The focus is on developing the complex secondary and tertiary aromas rather than the primary aromas.

Wine archive

Wine has a soul. What began as an experiment for former winemaker Sebastian Stocker, who quietly put aside 500 bottles of every vintage to see whether his theory concerning the longevity of Terlano wines was correct, is now Terlano’s best kept treasure.

As a result of this approach you can visit the winery’s wine archive. This contains over 100,000 bottles in a collection of rarities comprising various vintages from 1955 to the present. Some of the wines actually date from 1893, the year the winery was founded.

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