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Zanin Distillery

About uszanin distillery

Distilleria Zanin opened in the late nineteenth century in Zugliano, a small farming and shepherding town in Veneto. Bartolo Zanin first opened an inn, but soon realized that distillation was a more interesting and profitable venture. The family followed in his footsteps, surviving two world wars to come down to the present day where despite it’s constant growth and development, it is still a family firm and now, after more than a century, it is run by the fourth generation.
A careful selection of raw materials and the best distillation techniques are therefore the natural consequence of an unbroken link between the present and the past.
This interrelationship produced the family’s undying, intense passion for work and for the quality of the fruits.
Their products continue to satisfy the changing tastes of an increasingly competent and demanding clientele .