Bianco Pomice and Ossidiana in Lipari

Lipari’s main source of richness, in addition to a fervent tourist activity, has for years been fueled by the extraction of obsidian and pumice stone.

Even if it’s hard to believe the black of the oxide and the white of pumice stone derive from the same phenomenon. Whilst the first one owes its color to the basic composition of the magma from which it is produced, the pumice is clear because it is acidic and is born from gas-rich eruptions with a rapid evaporation that gives the pumice stone its characteristic porosity.

If the obsidian is the typical magmatic-glassy rock of effusive origin, the pumice belongs to that category of eruptive materials generated by an effusive-explosive activity: in short, both result from the cooling and subsequent solidification of the lava, but are totally different for consistency and color.

The vineyards of the Corinto Nero (which only grows in Lipari) and Nero d’Avola both grow on soils rich of black obsidian whilst the vines of Carricante and Moscato bianco grow on soils rich of pumice.

Castellaro estate has gently provided us with some stones to let you have the proof of it 🙂

The two wines Nero Ossidiana and Bianco Pomice that derives from these vines are simply amazing because they can tell about these land full of sun, sea, minerals, and volcanic hints.


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