Lets have a look all together at the results of the Gambero Rosso 3 bicchieri 2018. From 1987 Gambero Rosso is probably the most influential food and wine magazine in the country and the process that brings their team to select the best wines is long and complex. This lead to a “three glasses” which indicate really exceptionally wine, “two glasses” very good wines and “one glass” indicate a good wine.

Back in October for the 2018 about 400 wines received the prestigious “Tre Bicchieri” award. Once a winery reach this it highlights that wine as one of Italy’s best and puts the producer in the limelight.

Among those 440 I want to highlight the presence of the wines we import here in the Republic of Ireland:

to mention also our Argiolas winery which got the 3 bicchieri with the Cannonau di Sardegna Senes Riserva 2013. If you want to try their Cannonau Costera base here is the link!

Amazing results!

Remeber…..drink less, drink better!

Stay tuned for other news and awards of our partners!!!

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