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St. Patrick’s and wine? Yep, that’s super fine!

A short list of wine suggestions to celebrate Ireland’s beloved patron.

Did you know? Born of Roman parents, Ireland’s beloved patron Saint Patrick was technically Italian!

As we’re reminded of the legendary tale of St. Patrick himself, it’s a lesser-known fact that St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, was actually born in Roman Britain to Italian parents. His story of transformation from captive to missionary is one of resilience and faith, celebrated annually on March 17th.

As we raise a toast to St. Patrick’s memory, why not indulge in a departure from tradition? While beer often takes centre stage on this festive day, at A Taste of Italy, we invite you to elevate your St. Patrick’s Day experience with a selection of extraordinary Italian wines that pay homage to both Irish and Italian heritage.

Instead of “green” beer, how about “green” wine – our awesome selection of organic wine?

  • La Mirandola Chianti Classico “La Mirandola” D.O.C.G.: for a taste of Tuscany, immerse yourself in the bold and velvety notes of a Chianti Classico. This red ruby 80% Sangiovese and 20% Colorino, with earthy, lime, leather and raspberries traces, will complement the boar and pork flavours in your dish.
  • FUNARO Nero D’Avola D.O.C.: explore the depths of Sicily with a robust Nero d’Avola, reminiscent of the island’s sun-soaked vineyards. This 100% Nero D’Avola is very fruity with hints of red berries (cherries, blackberries). It has a rich flavour with a long finish.
  • Marco Carpineti Kius Brut I.G.T.: for those seeking something truly celebratory, this Brut Millesimato 100% Bellone, from Lazio, is delicate and pleasant, with citrus zest, fresh fruits and subtle hints of lees. Smooth, creamy, refreshing, savoury and fruity is all we need to say about it!

Contact us today to discover the perfect Italian wine for your celebration.

Sláinte to all our customers and friends, as we raise a glass to St. Patrick’s Day 🍀!

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