Gianpaolo Tabarrini Adarmando

Gianpaolo Tabarrini and his “Adarmando”!

Giampaolo Tabarrini is the creator of some of the most prestigious and sought after wines that the Umbrian region has ever had; as a result his wine get a continuous approval from the Italian and international press.
Today, the Tabarrini wines are on the menus and shelves of the most famous restaurants and wine bars around the world.

In addition of being known for his three different types of Sagrantino, Giampaolo is also the pioneer of the rediscovery of the Trebbiano Spoletino, the umbrian white vine.
In wine school, you learn the Trebbiano is a vigorous vine, resistant to disease which gives grapes with good acidity, but rather neutral, i.e. with little aromatic intensity.

But Giampaolo had a vision and a dream. The dream of producing a great white wine from the hills of Sagrantino with his Trebbiano Spoletino, this elegant and charming autochthonous vine. This linking thread between past and future was bound to remind them of Armando, Giampaolo’s maternal grandfather who, like this wine, had a generous and resolute unique character. He was the first winemaker to believe in this old forgotten grape and this was when Adarmando was born.

When in 2007 Adarmando was awarded with the 3 Bicchieri by Gamero Rosso(an important Italian wine magazine), then the Trebbiano Spoletino increased in popularity and so other winemaker started to bring back this grape.

After few years Giampaolo discovered that this wine was giving the best only after a few years. In fact now Adarmando is aged for at least 18 months before being released to the market.

Today Tabarrini is one of the few wineries which is still using the old “field maple trees” growing method. A lot of their Trebbiano vines (especially the sixty year old ones or more) in fact are married to those trees. These trees connect one to the other through some archways made by intertwined vines.

Gianpaolo saved the Trebbiano Spoletino bringing it back to life. That’s the story of a man, a dream and a wine!

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