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The Greco di Tufo of the year!

Today we’ll talk about a new addition to this year portfolio. The Greco di Tufo Miniere from Cantine Dell’Angelo.
This year at Vinitaly we had the aim to add some of the native wines of Campania and once we arrived at the Dell’Angelo stand, and once poured into the glass the “Miniere 2015” the latest release of Angelo Muto’s Tufo Greco, I looked at my colleague with a glance and we immediately realized that we had come to the desired place and that our research should not have gone beyond.
The vineyards are located on hilly terrain overlooking the ancient sulfur mines, which gives the wine very particular organoleptic characteristics. The grapes are hand-picked one by one and the must is obtained by soft squeezing, fermented at low temperature, allowing the full preservation of the aromas proper to the vine.
This wine is the “Greco di Tufo” of the year according to Paolo De Cristofaro, a journalist and a taster of Gambero Rosso, who is very expert in Campania wines. “Compared with the early autumn tests, it blossomed into aromatic depths, adding earth notes, inflorescences and pollen, to the granite sulfur core and rocks. The same speech to the mouth: it is always the saline quality to make a difference, but the sip begins to relax, making it even more corroborative, “he writes on his blog.
We shared his impressions; reminding you to look at the price we propose this wine which is real jewel of Irpina viticulture. Keep also in mind the Greco di Tufo Miniere of Cantine Dell’Agelo has repeatedly demonstrated how to “blossom” as it says the De Cristofaro, with the aging in the bottle … it is not only great to be drunk today but also in few years.

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