Gatto Bianco Funaro I.G.P.


Region: Sicily

Denomination: Bianco IGP Organic wine

Grape-variety: Inzolia , Zibibbo, Catarratto

Alcohol: 13%

Vintage: 2018

Aging: Around 4 months in stainless steel tanks.

Harvest time: The Inzolia is harvested in early September, whilst the Zibibbo and Catarratto in late September. The grapes are harvested in the coolest hours of the day.

Colour: Bright straw-yellow with light greenish hues.

Nose: A rousing bouquet due to its extremely elegant fragrance.

Taste: Well-orchestrated and delicate mouth-feel, fresh and rich in flavour, easy-drinking, fresh and aromatic finish.


Minimum 6 Mixed Bottle Order

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